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    • testimoni Distributor usg murah ERNAWATI, Amd.Keb ( Ciamis - JABAR )

      Bisa ikut pelatihan plus dapat harga discount, alhamdulillah jadi ramai pasien di klinik....

      ERNAWATI, Amd.Keb ( Ciamis - JABAR )
    • - Bersyukur saat lagi butuh-butuh skill untuk USG Abdomen, ada peluang dan pesertanya hanya 4, jadi seperti private. - Pembimbing dan panitia juga sa....

      dr. Iqbal, SpPD - Pontianak
    • testimoni Distributor usg murah dr EVI NOVITASARI - Bandung

      Materi dan fasilitas serta narasumber bagus, alatnya sangat memuaskan. Panitia sangat komunikatif, peserta pas tidak terlalu banyak, pasien sangat sab....

      dr EVI NOVITASARI - Bandung
    • testimoni Distributor usg murah Klinik NADHIFA AL-GHIFFARY - Ciganitri, BANDUNG

      Harga Usgnya murah, klinik saya dalam tahap pembangunan awal jadi butuh banyak biaya, alhamdulillah terbantu dengan harga USG dari CV Nadhiradita yg t....

      Klinik NADHIFA AL-GHIFFARY - Ciganitri, BANDUNG
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    Distributor usg murah Cv Nadhiradita Menjual USG 4 Dimensi Samsung R7 hub 081220107107

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    The ergonomic and ultra-compact SonoAce R7 increases clinical efficiency through its combination of a simple user interface. It includes features such as second-stage filtering and spatial compounding to reduce extraneous noise and speckle while producing crystal-clear, high resolution results. By utilising outstanding Samsung 3D/4D color technology, images are easily viewed on a 17-inch LCD monitor. Clinical productivity is enhanced by fully-customisable menus and a user-friendly design. A suite of extended tools ensures practitioners to have a wide range of resources to deliver timely, comprehensive and reliable diagnoses across multiple applications.

    Slim and Compact DesignThe highly user-friendly SonoAce R7 incorporates a host of ergonomic features into an ultra-compact package. The innovative and slim design is also extremely practical with its four swivel wheels and front and back handles enabling easy mobility. The simple user interface, height-adjustable control panel and backlit keyboard combine to create a tool which enables practitioners to increase patient throughput without sacrificing comfort or performance. By utilising outstanding Samsung 3D/4D color technology, its 17-inch LCD monitor displays clear, easily-viewable images to bring about increased diagnostic accuracy.

    SonoAce R7 enables a much higher level of diagnostic accuracy than previous models. By incorporating realistic 4D imaging, this innovative technology delivers optimised results in a variety of applications. This increases user confidence and leads to a more informed decision-making process for medical professionals. The enhanced image quality comes at no expense to the unit’s overall mobility.

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