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    • testimoni Distributor usg murah IFHA R SYAM, SST ( OKI - SUMSEL )

      Pelatihan ANC saya ikut, Abdomen suami saya ikut, USG mindray beli disini, EKG juga...next??? customer langganan nih ceritanya heheh....

    • testimoni Distributor usg murah dr Berlian A.H, MPSi - Sidoarjo

      Pelatihan ANC USG ini sangat membantu dalam praktek sehari-hari, isi materi cukup bagus, pengajaranya cukup bagus, cara mengajarna mudah dimengerti, f....

      dr Berlian A.H, MPSi - Sidoarjo
    • - Bersyukur saat lagi butuh-butuh skill untuk USG Abdomen, ada peluang dan pesertanya hanya 4, jadi seperti private. - Pembimbing dan panitia juga sa....

      dr. Iqbal, SpPD - Pontianak
    • Pelatihannya sangat menyengangkan, semuanya baik. Terimakasih untuk semua pembimbing....

      dr. Kartikaningsih - Pemalang
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    Barang 100% Original dan Bergaransi
    Featured with an ideal combination of quality, versatility and affordability, DC-N3 is truly a redefinition of the base, providing you with best-in-class performance, efficiency and value. Equipped with real-time 4D imaging functionality and flexible configuration server, DC-N3 is an ideal entry-level system well suited for varying diagnostic requirements within the field of obstetrics and gynecology.
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    PSH(Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
    Purified Harmonic Imaging for better contrast resolution providing clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise


    Permits use of multiple scanned angles to form a single image, resulting in enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization

    Gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection
    •  Sharper & Continuous Edges
    •  Smooth Uniform Tissues
    •  Cleaner ‘no echo areas’


    Multiple Beam Formation
    Maximum 4 times tasking for one transmitted beam, resulting in excellent time resolution and higher frame rate.
    3D/4D Imaging
    Including 3D/4D Flip & Sync features providing fast and easy image volume view from any direction.


    A CT-like view functionality displaying volume data in multiple parallel 2D images to effectively interpret anatomical structures



    Smart OB™
    Auto measurement of fetal parameters: trace and calculate the BPD, OFD, HC, AC and FL on a single click.

    iStorage & iMeasurement & iReport
    iStorage: Directly transfer images and reports to PC via network cable
    iMeasurement & iReport: Offline PC software for user-defined measurement table, formula calculation and report template




    Gain instant auto image optimization in B, Color and PW Modes on the click of a single key.

    Gain instant full screen view on the click of a single key.

    Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allowing you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively

    Raw Data
    Enables optimum flexibility for post processing of the stored images including parameteradjustments, adding comments and measurements, allowing maximum productivity during scanning






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